With online video training, Guerrilla Drum Making will show you the ins and outs of at home custom drum making. We'll hold your hand the whole way through our surefire, paint by numbers system that virtually anyone can use.

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Our customers include total rookies, drum making hobbyists, pro musicians, studio drummers, youngsters, oldsters, hipsters, metalheads, purists, and just about everyone in between.

"John Dutra is to home drum building as Bob Vila is to home repair projects or Rachel Ray is to cooking at home. He shows you how it's done and gives you the confidence to do it yourself."

Phil Hood, DRUM! Magazine

“After watching Guerrilla Drum Making, I’m pretty sure even I could manage to follow this super clear and logical process to constructing a sweet, one-of-a-kind drum set.”

Michael Dawson,
Modern Drummer Magazine

"Thank you Guerrilla Drum Making, for further inspiring me with insight, helpful tips, and EXCELLENT vocal descriptions on how to NOT mess up or fall behind in making the perfect drum.”

Micah, Massachusetts, US

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